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SS Choice Electronic CigaretteIf you are anything like I am, then you realize the danger that our environment is in at the present time.  You’ve started recycling, reducing wastes, and conserving resources.  However, as a smoker you run into an additional obstacle.  The secondhand smoke being emitted from your cigarettes is harmful to those around you, as well as our ozone layer.  Plus, there is all that waste being created from the butts.  So maybe you’ve tried patches and they just didn’t quite satisfy your oral fixation.  So you gave the gum a whirl and although it delivered the nicotine and satisfied both cravings, the taste was just awful!  Well now you have yet another option, the electronic cigarette, but which one do you choose?

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I’m here to help.  Electronic cigarettes, also known as e-cigarettes, work by releasing a water vapor that contains nicotine.  Since there is no fire, there is no smoke.  This eliminates the carcinogens found in the smoke, as well as allowing you to “smoke” in places where smoking is otherwise prohibited.  The vapor is only released when air is drawn into the device.  This means no more wasting cigarettes that have burnt away in the ashtray untouched.

But oh, my tree-hugging friend, there is an even better alternative!  No more worrying about what to do with your expended cartridges.  Why?  The SS Choice No. 7 e-cigarette has no need for replaced cartridges.  How does it work then when the nicotine is spent?  All you have to do is apply a few drops of SS Choice No. 7 e-liquid to the spent cartridge and one drop on the atomizer and your cartridge is as good as new!

A 30mL bottle of e-liquid will run you $28.99 and is the equivalent of 30 packs of cigarettes.  Not only is it environmentally friendly, but this product is also economically friendly.  Where else can you get 30 packs of cigarettes for less than 30 bucks?

You also have the option of getting the Stealth model.  No more light at the end of the device mimicking a traditional cigarette, giving you the freedom to “smoke” in the military without the risk of giving your location away.

Unfortunately if you crave the flavored tobacco, this brand does not offer various flavors.  You have the choice of tobacco or menthol.  And although most beatniks are down to earth and don’t need all that extra pizzazz, I feel they should have included clove as an option as well.

So if you want to go green but keep your nicotine too, you just might want to check out SS Choice No. 7 electronic cigarettes.  They offer more bang for your buck and less waste for our beloved M\other Earth.

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