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It can be consider as the major vice of most people in the world today.

Cigarettes are small roll of thin paper with dried and finely cut tobacco leaves. It is then lighted so the smoker can puff at the head part of it and then inhaled it in. It has been manufactured and made popular since the 19th century.

Cigarette smoking is dangerous to your health: that’s the line that you can repeatedly read over and over again when you buy a pack of cigarettes. But mostly, people tend to always ignore it just to satisfy their urge to smoke. The effects of smoking on human health are serious; there are more than 4000 chemicals found of cigarettes, and hundreds of which are toxic.

An electronic cigarette has been developed last 2003, it is a pen-style battery powered device that provides inhaled doses of nicotine by way of vaporized solution; where there is actually no smoke involved in its function. Most kinds are reusable with refillable or replaceable parts. Manufacturers claim that e-cigarettes are safer compared to smoking cigarettes and that the most harmful material produced when smoking a cigarette is not present in the atomized liquid produced by it. But still manufacturers include warning sign on the labels of their products.

Smoking a cigarette can have various disadvantages and these could be:

-lessen the user life’s span by 11minutes

-can damage important genes that control the growth of cells, causing them to grow improperly or to

produce rapidly

-many have died of tobacco related diseases; lung cancer, throat cancer, mouth cancer, asthma

-for pregnant women who’s into smoking, it can have birth defects on the baby, including mental and

physical disabilities

-harmful to secondhand smokers

-frequent source of fire in private homes

-advance signs of aging

-inability to breathe

-can cause improper health balance

-decreased acceptance by those non-smoking peers

-waste of money

-smokers have lower levels of anti-oxidant

-nicotine can slow the heart to pump blood for through the body

While there are some advantages for smoking a cigarette, these could be:

-peer group acceptance for smokers

-effective for weight loss

-can ease stress

-some simply enjoy the taste of it

For some countries and cities, selling and or smoking cigarettes have been imposed as illegal, there will be necessary legal action that await to those who are caught. But there could be a therapy for smokers to lessen cigarette smoking, and then later decide to stop smoking; it is by gum, patches, and inhalers or by the use of tobacco products with fewer carcinogens or lower level of nicotine than the regular cigarettes. Emotionally or physically, smoking can really change a smoker’s life. Choices have been made by them, whether they still want to pursue smoking or take the consequences in the future. It is an issue between saving your health and taking the risk to continue smoking. By continuously smoking cigarettes, you can no longer prevent from turning your cash into ash.

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