Smoking Everywhere Can be Stopped if You Know Why and When You Started Smoking

Wednesday December 15thElectric Cigarette Category

Why would anyone choose to smoke? Of course, it’s a choice because saying that you’ve been forced to smoke is just dumb, unimaginable and very unlikely. Even when you say that smoking everywhere is already by nature in the world or that nicotine is addicting, the bottom line still remains that the first choice to puff cigarette is yours. True, nicotine is one of the most addicting substances in the world and even the most logical, wise and/or healthy person can fall for nicotine. And because of this quitting smoking is not easy to do; but the great thing is that it’s doable.

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Cigarette users are found in all age ranges, in both sexes, different races and across all social levels. Smoking everywhere is so normal for years now that a lot even non-smokers just take this fact without a hitch in their stride. Quitting smoking is one thing but accepting that you have to quit smoking is another. Smoking everywhere can be stopped if smokers realize the start and end of their smoking habit. Before you quit smoking, you must first realize why and how you started smoking. From there, you contemplate why it’s for your own good to stop smoking permanently.

Recognizing why started you smoking is a big step to accepting why you have to quit smoking. There are several reasons why people usually start smoking. You may start smoking if your spouse or best friend is a smoker. You may start smoking is you want to be “cool”, a “rebel” or just “defiant” to your parents or to the world. New smokers even smoke just to make a statement or just to wrongly interpret the phrase “Seize the day!”

When you recognized why you started smoking and why you think smoking everywhere is a privilege, it’ll be easier for you to understand why you still smoke now. And more importantly, you’ll understand why you need to quit smoking as soon as possible.

The problem with smokers is that they tend to underestimate the power of nicotine. Even non-smokers make light of tobacco addiction. But if truth be told, nicotine is one of the most addictive substances known to man. The mere fact that you continually practice smoking everywhere even if you don’t want to anymore is a clear indication of how addicting nicotine is. So cut yourself a mental break but still push yourself to the limit. Don’t give up on quitting just because it seems so difficult. Many others have been down this road before and you if they can quit, so can you.

If you’re going to quit smoking, which you should really do, remember to not minimize the seriousness of smoking. Just because millions of people do it and it’s legal and hence socially sanctioned does not reduce the gravity of the potential harm that smoking can cause not only to your health but also to your and your loved ones’ lifestyle.

Stop smoking everywhere! Take one day at a time but make sure to quit this bad habit.

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