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NJOY Electronic CigaretteElectronic devices have changed the way that our civilization communicates, accomplishes things, and now is changing the way smokers consume cigarettes.  In an attempt to decrease the harmfulness of cancer sticks, electronic cigarettes have been created.  Just as regular smokes come in different shapes, sizes, and flavors, electronic cigarettes do as well.

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So why make the switch?

First of all, you have to take into consideration the current smoking bans that are happening across the US.  There are only 13 states left that have not banned smoking in public places yet.  If you are a smoker and do not happen to live in one of those 13 states, then you’re already aware of the nuisance of not being allowed to smoke inside.  With an electronic cigarette in your hand, you won’t have to be that guy, the one who ditches his date to worship the nicotine god, the one who reeks of cigarette smoke, the one who gets glared at by non-smokers as they have to walk through a fog of toxins.  With an electronic cigarette, you get to decide when and where you smoke, no matter of your whereabouts.  This device will give you freedom.

The thing that sets the NJOY brand e-cigarette apart from the competition is the style.  While most e-cigarettes work in the same manner, the NJOY brand’s appearance stands out.  Not only do they offer a model that looks like a traditional cigarette (NPRO), but you can choose a cigar design (NGAR) or one that looks like the glamorous Hollywood smokes from the early 1900’s (NCIG).  The NPRO and NCIG come in white, black, or burgundy, whereas the NGAR comes in a lovely wood grain.

All three models come with the same variety of cartridges.  You have your choice of six flavors; traditional tobacco, vanilla, apple, menthol, strawberry, or clove.  They also sell the cartridges in a variety pack for those of us who like to mix things up a bit.  Not just that, oh no, they also let you decide how much nicotine you want to take in.  You can choose from Regular (18mg), Light (12mg), Ultra Light (6mg), or Non (doesn’t contain nicotine).

The cartridge life does vary depending on how deeply you inhale.  However, on average each NPRO cartridge can replace 10-15 traditional cigarettes, whereas one cartridge for the NCIG and NGAR replaces 30-40 traditional cigarettes.  Imagine all of the money you could save if you are currently paying $6/pack!  If you smoke a pack/day at $6/pack, you’re spending $180/month before tax.  Now if you were to use the NPRO instead, at $16.99/cartridge you would drop that down to $101.94/month plus tax while smoking at the same rate.  This means that after only 1 month you’ll see a return on your start up investment.  In these hard economic times, it only makes sense to cut corners everywhere you can.  The NJOY products are not only offering you the convenience of getting your nicotine fix where traditional smoking is not allowed, but also offering you a way to stretch your hard earned dollar.  The choice is clear, and the choice to reduce cancer risk is all up to you.

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