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Gamucci Electronic CigaretteThere are now many smoking alternatives to help manage my nicotine craving; from nicotine patches to gum to electronic cigarettes.  While it’s nice that the nicotine patch and gum lack the harmful smoke, tar, chemicals, and other toxic carcinogens, I still miss the actual motions of smoking – the hand to mouth habit.  And what about the stressful situations, like the holiday shopping, that sends my nicotine craving through the roof?  A mouthful of nicotine gum and arms full of nicotine patches just sounds silly and that’s when we smokers go right back to the cigarette while on nicotine patches or gum.  Smoking an electronic cigarette is almost exactly like a traditional cigarette but without the smoke, ash, stench, tar, and other toxic junk.  With electronic cigarettes you can start puffing while you’re waiting in a long checkout line with some bratty, whining kids in front of you and an arguing couple behind you.  If those bratty kids and arguing spouse are yours then you chain “smoke” without contaminating the entire store with your secondhand smoke, setting off the smoke detectors.

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Electronic cigarettes look real on the outside but it’s the difference within that makes up the less harmful aspect.  Instead of smoke, the user inhales a water vapor.  As air is drawn in by the user, it passes a microprocessor that creates the vapor which passes through a cartridge that then adds the flavor and nicotine.  There is a light at the end that glows upon inhalation to mimic a real cigarette.

When buying electronic cigarettes you have to be careful of what company you go through.  Like traditional cigarettes, there are the good brands and there are the cheaper brands.  Since the initial and well worth investment of a smokeless cigarette may a bit high, it is important that you are well informed about the brand that you will be inhaling.  Let’s take a look at the Gamucci brand of electronic cigarettes.

Gamucci is a London based maker of electronic cigarettes with offices in USA and Asia and was established in 2007.  The Gamucci brand has 5 types of e-cigarettes:  Continental, Classic, Micro, Elite, and Premier.


This is a disposable electronic cigarette that comes packed with a G4 Lithium ion battery and a HiCap integrated vaporization cartridge that gives the user 375 puffs, equivalent to 25 cigarettes.


The pen style Classic is reusable and equipped with a longer lasting battery and higher capacity cartridges.  When purchased it comes with two 280 mAh lithium rechargeable batteries that have a 300 recharge lifespan and 350 puffs per charge, a charger, vaporizer, pack of  tobacco flavor cartridges, and a carry case.  Each cartridge is equivalent to 20 cigarettes.

Packs of cartridges can be purchased with flavors of Apple, Cherry, Peach, and Turkish Delight.  Available strength are Regular (1.6% Nicotine), Light (1.1% Nicotine), Ultra Light (0.6% Nicotine), and Zero.  Each cartridge is equivalent to 20 cigarettes.


This is for the lighter smoker with its 180 mAh lithium ion battery as opposed to the regular 280 mAh.  The lifespan is at 300 recharges.  The cartridges give 275 puffs, equivalent to 12-15 cigarettes.

Packs of Micro cartridges come in the flavors: Apple, Cherry, Coffee, Peach, and Turkish Delight.  Strengths include:  Regular (16mg), Light (11mg), Ultra Light (6mg), and Non (0mg).  Each cartridge is equivalent to 12-15 cigarettes.


This is a disposable e-cigarette that come fully charged and packed with 600 puffs, equivalent to 40 cigarettes and strength of 16mg of nicotine.  It comes with the flavors:  Tobacco, Menthol, Apple, Cherry, Coffee, Peach, and Turkish Delight.


For the Cuban tobacco flavor fanatics Gamucci brings you the Premier that is fully charged and ready to use with 600 puffs, equivalent to 40 cigarettes, and a higher dose of nicotine at 22mg.

Don’t confuse Gamucci products as smoking cessation tools because they are not.  They are simply an alternative.  While there are questions as to the safety of electronic cigarettes, simple logic would declare that they are a safer alternative to smoking.   Electronic cigarette users will no longer subject those around them to harmful second hand smoke, their lungs to toxic tar and carcinogenic chemicals, and their clothes and cars with that horrible stench of smoke.  I wonder why people would even want to smoke traditional cigarettes with the invention of electronic, smokeless cigarettes.  I’m sure the tobacco industry is concerned.  I say good for that.

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