Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit Reviews

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Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit

Electronic cigarettes have four basic components namely the cartridge, atomizer, battery and electronics. The cartridge is the holder or the casing that is attached at the end of e cigar’s tube. It’s the one “holding” the flavored nicotine droplets. The atomizer is the heating element that converts the droplets to vapor. The battery and electronics are used so the e cigar will light up since electronic cigarettes are non-combustive. These four fundamental components of electronic cigarettes and some more accessories are included in the electronic cigarette starter kit.

With the vast variety of e cigarettes in the market these days, first time buyers can possible have a hard time selecting the best starter kit for them to use. If it’s your first time to buy an electronic cigarette starter kit or you just want try a new kit, here are some products that you can try.

What’s inside: (1) electronic cigarette rechargeable battery, (5) tobacco flavored cartridges (all in high-strength nicotine level), adaptor, power lead, manual.

E-Cigar Concessions: 1 year manufacture replacement warranty, a full charged electronic cigar 1.0 can last for 24 hours, the vapor you emit when you “smoke” evaporates in seconds, no flame needed, no harmful chemicals

What’s inside: (2) electronic cigarette rechargeable batteries, (6) atomized with built cartridges, USB charger, AC adapter, electronic cigarette (you can choose the nicotine strength and flavor of the e cigar)

E-Cigar Concessions: the two rechargeable batteries guarantee that even when you’re on the go you can still smoke your electronic cigarette, six cartridges is equivalent to 6 packs of real cigarettes

What’s inside: (1) rechargeable micro battery, (1) micro atomizer, AC wall charger with USB, (5) tobacco flavored cartridges (regular-strength nicotine level)

E-Cigar Concessions: one cartridge is equivalent to 10 real cigarettes, the battery can last for at least 275 puffs, you can choose other flavors if you don’t want the tobacco taste (menthol, cherry, apple, vanilla, chocolate, etc.)

What’s inside: (2) e-cigar rechargeable batteries, (5) tobacco flavored cartridges (high-strength nicotine level), charger adapter, manual, Gina Lynn special edition DVD, Gina Lynn trading cards

E-Cigars Concessions: 12 months warranty, electronic cigarette that can be smoked anywhere (not included in the smoking ban), simulated smoke, no combustion

These are just four of the most popular electronic cigarette starter kits. You can buy any of these via online or at land based electronic cigarette stores. You must remember thought that these electronic cigarette starter kits are prohibited to people who are under the age of 18, suffering from health issues, especially those with heart and lungs concern, pregnant or breast feeding women and folks who are sensitive in nicotine.

If you order a starter kit online just make sure that you double-check everything before keying in your credit card information. Also check if the manufacturer is allowing buyers to choose the flavor/s of the electronic cigarette and its nicotine level of strength.

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