Electronic Cigarette Cartridge Refill Reviews

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Electronic Cigarette Cartridge Refill

An electronic cigarette is a wonderful device that is being used by smokers (who wish to quit smoking and/or wish to try a different type of cigarette) that provides nicotine doses via inhalation of vaporized solution. Electronic cigarette is also known as e-cigarette or e cigar. This one of a kind smoking cessation is powered by batteries and lasts longer than real cigarettes. The great thing about this device is that it provides the smoker with the same emotional and physical satisfaction as puffing a real cigarette without the harmful effects that genuine ones cause. In addition, you can choose from different flavors of electronic cigarette so you won’t be bored or addicted to the nicotine taste.

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One of the vital parts of an electric cigarette is the cartridge, which is the casing of the device. If you buy an electronic cigarette kit, you’ll most likely receive e cigar cartridge refill. These cartridge refills will give you the power to inhale the vapor without the usual fear of illnesses caused by excessive smoking. Furthermore, the droplets of nicotine that you “smoke” don’t have any harmful chemicals that can be found in a genuine cigarette.

There are also different types and flavors of electronic cigarette cartridges. Some of the famous flavors are tobacco, mint, chocolate, blueberry and vanilla. If you’re planning to buy a cartridge refill for your e cigar, check out the list below of some of the best choices in the market these days.

  • Electronic Cigarette Cartridge (Menthol Flavor) – would you believe that each cartridge in the pack (there are five cartridges in this pack) is level pegging with 20 genuine, traditional cigarettes. And since it’s menthol in flavor, the taste strongly resembles that of a real tobacco.
  • Electronic Cigarette Pocket Kits- this type of cartridge refill is a better option for smokers who want to choose the level of strength of their nicotine vapor. If you buy this one, you have the option to choose from none (0 mg) to high level (16 mg) of strength. Furthermore, you can choose from different traditional flavors such as chocolate, cheery, tobacco, vanilla, etc., and from the new flavors such as clove, caramel, rum and cola and even tequila. The good thing about this product is that the cartridges are fully sealed so you can store them for a long period of time.
  • Cartridges for Electronic Cigar- these are the cartridges that can fit any of the electronic cigarette models. The problem with other cartridge refills is that some can be only be used in a specific type of electronic cigarette. This is due to the different size and model of e cigars. But with the cartridges for Electronic Cigar, you can use the refills with any e cigar type or model.

These are just three of the most popular types of electronic cigarette cartridge refills. There’s still a lot more that you can choose from. The thing that you have to remember in buying a cartridge refill is that you must be aware of your electronic cigarette size and model so you can find the perfect match for it.

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