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Electronic Cigarette Accessories

Cigarette smoking is treacherous. You may benefit from its trivial advantages but the health risks that are involved with smoking are just too high of a price for just a few moments of bliss. That’s why thank God for electronic cigarettes. Yes, in reality, it’s much better to not smoke at all, real or electronic wise, but as with everything in life, stopping your habit or controlling your vice takes time. So if you can’t quit smoking as of yet or you just don’t want to smoke real cigars anymore but still craves for the emotional and physical satisfaction smoking provides, your best bet is to try electronic cigarettes.

Electronic cigarettes are great alternatives to real cigarettes. Furthermore, they are safer than the genuine ones. Now if you’re the type of person who wants to jazz up everything, you can choose different accessories to add in your electronic cigarette. These accessories are not just being sold to beautify e-cigars but rather to add more benefits.

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Here are some of electric cigarette accessories that you must acquire for your new healthier habit.

1.      Electric Cigarette Carrying Case- now you don’t have to be frustrated in finding where you put your electronic cigarette and paraphernalia because with the this carrying case you can store two batteries and two refill cartridges. This carrying case is a smart choice especially if you’re always on the go. Interestingly, you can choose from the various designs and colors of this product.

2. E-Cigarette Home Charger- the great thing about electronic cigarette is that you don’t have to buy this type of cigar everyday unlike the real ones. Since this is battery operated, you just have to charge it to give it another go. Electronic cigarette home charger works perfectly in an AC100V-240V 50/60Hz voltage. Just remember to take precautions when you’re using the charger such avoiding using it in a damp environment.

3. Electronic Cigarette USB Charger- for people who use their computers (or laptops) for long hours daily, this is one electronic accessory that they’ll surely appreciate. With the USB function of this charger, you can charge your electronic cigarette using your desktop (or laptop).

4. Electronic Cigarette Car Adapter- this one is for e-cigarette smokers who travel a lot. You don’t have to be annoyed when your electronic cigarette runs out of battery when you’re on the road because with this adapter, you can easily solve your problem.

5. Electronic Cigarette USB Power Case with Built-in Battery- this is one of the “high-tech” electronic cigarette accessories. When you power charge this USB Power Case, you can charge up to six electronic cigarette batteries even when you’re up and about. And because it’s also an e-cigar case, you can store a battery and two refill cartridges inside.

USB Power Case

USB Power Case

See, smoking electronic cigarette don’t have to be like a punishment or sacrifice. Aside from it being a lot healthier than real cigarette, it’s also fun and fashionable if you want, to use electronic cigarettes. If you want to avail these accessories, you just need to simply go online or visit a land based electronic cigarette store.

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