Electric Cigarettes to Help Your Mind, Body and Heart in Quitting Smoking

Wednesday December 8thElectric Cigarette Category

Because electric cigarettes still utilizes nicotine, a quitting smoker still needs to take certain precautions. Like, if you have a history of heart disease, chest pain, hypertension, diabetes and thyroid problem then you need to discuss first with your doctor if electric cigarettes are your best bet when it comes to tools to help you quit smoking. Now if you’re pregnant, you must check with your obstetrician before starting any kind of electric cigarettes. In fact, if you’re pregnant you shouldn’t be smoking at all. Furthermore, don’t use electric cigarettes if you’re not sure if you want to quit smoking or not.

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Remember that electric cigarettes are powerful drugs that act on the brain. Yes, an e-cigar can help you decrease your cigarette intake but in all honesty, of course, when there are advantages, there are also disadvantages with the product. If you take too much electric cigarettes, you’ll not only revert to your nicotine addiction but you’ll experience nicotine addiction as well. An excess of any drug that acts as a therapeutic replacement to an addiction is more toxic than the main substance.

In addition, if you want to quit smoking using electric cigarettes, you must make sure that you only use this tool to your program. You can’t alternately use e-cigar then patch then gum because you’ll have a nicotine overload. Nicotine overdose can lead to dizziness, palpitations of heartbeat, air hunger and anxiety.

Quitting smoking is a big, positive step in your life. Yes, it’s something that you must decide on your own. Even if your family and friends nag you to quit smoking, if you don’t have particularly want to do it then nothing good will happen. Even if your loved ones buy you electric cigarettes every week, if you don’t have the discipline to follow through the plan to quit smoking then nothing will suffice. You’ll just disappoint everyone, get irritated with yourself and ultimately revert back to smoking to wipe away you frustrations.

So make sure that even a small part of you wants to quit smoking before trying electric cigarettes. Furthermore, checking with your doctor about your decision to quit smoking and how you plan to do it is always a good idea. Your physician may have suggestion or advice based on your health status. Remember that he/she is the best authority on how much exercise and dietary change you have to do that will aid electric cigarettes to quit smoking permanently.

Combining electric cigarettes with different methods to quit smoking will help you a lot to kick this bad habit for good. Other than self-discipline, group support, pep talks, doctor advices and the likes, electric cigarettes can assist you, slowly but surely to quit smoking. You must also accept that you need to quit smoking so you’re mind and body will be synchronized in eradicating all the bad effects of smoking. Even if you’ll experience minor withdrawal symptoms, you’ll be sure that you will be in good shape and you’ll be facing a healthier future.

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