Electric Cigarette: Using Replacements to Help You Quit Smoking Permanently

Wednesday December 1stElectric Cigarette Category

There a millions of smokers in the world and there are millions of smokers who want to quit smoking for good. There are different ways on how a smoker can quit smoking such as going cold turkey, gradual stop or using electric cigarette. The trick to finally and successfully do so is to find the method (or methods) that will help you kick this habit out of your life.

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Now if you decide on using nicotine-replacement products such as electric cigarette, especially an over-the-counter one, you have to make sure to read the package inserts and instructions very carefully. If used incorrectly or by the wrong people, electric cigarette can get you addicted more to nicotine.

When you use electric cigarette to help you stop smoking permanently, you are preventing and treating nicotine withdrawal symptoms without using real cigarettes. This is one of the great benefits of e-cigars. You minimize the discomforts of withdrawal without having to smoke real cigarettes. No longer are you exposed to the irritating and disease-causing additives of real cigarettes.

Now here’s a question: why use electric cigarette? If you are a regular smoker and you stopped smoking cold turkey, you would experience uncomfortable nicotine withdrawal symptoms that could prevent you from functioning at home and work. The great dilemma with this is that you could drive right back to the very thing you were trying to get away from. Withdrawal symptoms include fatigue, anxiety, restlessness, depression, excessive eating and eve hyperactivity. If you use electric cigarette, you won’t experience these symptoms, or at least you won’t experience everything in full bloom.

Electric cigarette is healthier than tobacco because you eliminate the hundreds of toxic ingredients of real cigarettes. Furthermore, electric cigarette also contains far less of the byproducts of the combustion of tobacco.  Of course, there are still other methods other than using electric cigarette that can help a smoker quit smoking faster and safer. The final world is not yet in on the “best” ways to quit smoking because in reality, the more tools and resources you have to quit smoking, the better your chances to kick the habit out of your life permanently.

Quitting smoking is challenging but if you have tools such as electric cigarette and discipline to follow through your program then nothing can stop you from having a cigarette-free life. If you’ve tried quitting before and become unsuccessful, then don’t think of it as the last option and last hurrah that you can do. Many smokers have to make more than one attempt to quit smoking before they succeed.

That’s where electric cigarette comes in. Using e-cigar simplifies everything. If you use an electric cigarette, then most likely you won’t smoke real cigarette. The trick here too is for you to have discipline to no t get addicted to electric cigarette, on the other hand. You can start one or two electric cigarettes a day, then three to four e-cigars a week, until you don’t use it at all.

There is no magic bullet for quitting smoking. Electric cigarette helps a lot but you may need to change your lifestyle and employ other tools to seriously quit smoking.

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