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Smoking Everywhere Electronic Cigarette

October 19th

It can be consider as the major vice of most people in the world today. Cigarettes are small roll of thin paper with dried and finely cut tobacco leaves. It is then lighted so the smoker can puff at the head part of it and then inhaled it in. It has been manufactured and made [...]

SS Choice

August 11th

If you are anything like I am, then you realize the danger that our environment is in at the present time.  You’ve started recycling, reducing wastes, and conserving resources.  However, as a smoker you run into an additional obstacle.  The secondhand smoke being emitted from your cigarettes is harmful to those around you, as well [...]

Gamucci Electronic Cigarette

August 11th

There are now many smoking alternatives to help manage my nicotine craving; from nicotine patches to gum to electronic cigarettes.  While it’s nice that the nicotine patch and gum lack the harmful smoke, tar, chemicals, and other toxic carcinogens, I still miss the actual motions of smoking – the hand to mouth habit.  And what [...]

NJOY Electronic Cigarette Review

August 11th

Electronic devices have changed the way that our civilization communicates, accomplishes things, and now is changing the way smokers consume cigarettes.  In an attempt to decrease the harmfulness of cancer sticks, electronic cigarettes have been created.  Just as regular smokes come in different shapes, sizes, and flavors, electronic cigarettes do as well. ==>Click HERE To [...]

Smoke Everywhere

August 11th

I am too young to remember the days when smoking was allowed everywhere.  It sounds unbelievable with all the negative media and inquisitions against smokers, but nurses actually used to smoke in the break room in the hospitals and even, in some cases, in the nurses’ station!  Restaurants, theatres, coffee shops, and most other places [...]

Mini Electronic Cigarette

August 11th

Premium – Mini Electronic Cigarette The world is going digital, from online newspapers to banking and now to the world of tobacco.  Yes, my smoke smelling friends, smokeless electronic cigarettes are part of the new age.  Smokers are being shunned for the smoke that poisons everyone within their toxic fog’s reach.  However, not every smoker [...]